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                                                 The All American Walking Horse Alliance
                                                                    Who We Are:

The All American Walking Horse Alliance (AAWHA) is comprised of professional horsemen and women and educated amateur owners of Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses and Racking Horses from Fairbanks, Alaska to Ocala Florida, Naalehu, Hawaii to Manchester New Hampshire and all U.S. states in-between. 

Alliance representatives are Professional Trainers and Judges, Instructors and Show Managers, Farriers, Breeders and Equine Health Certified Practitioners all with vast experience in the Walking Horse Industry.

Alliance Representatives are educated, involved amateur owners and breeders of gaited horses that compete in all venues of horsemanship in addition to pleasure mounts.  

Alliance spokesmen and women are a voice for the breed that deserves to be reclaimed from the dysfunction of unethical management of the breed and abusive treatment in the show world.  

Alliance Representatives are committed to restoring the reputation of a breed that has a heritage in American history.

AAWHA spokespersons have met with press and public to provide accurate information about the Natural Flatshod breed are from Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia, Mississippi, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia. 

                                                                                We Are Not:
                                                                  Radical Animal Rights Activists.
                                        Pet owners seeking legislative reform which infringes on citizens’ rights.
                                                       Attempting to destroy a multi-million dollar industry.

The All American Walking Horse Alliance is a continually increasing cross section of horsemen invested in the future of our breed.

AAWHA is dedicated to bringing Americans together in recognition and appreciation of our heritage breed. 
We believe the Walking Horse is destined to be redefined as the All American Horse for the 21st Century. 

Primary among our goals is education of the public regarding the inherent qualities including the kindness of temperament, smoothness of gait and versatility of these exceptional horses. 

We strive to facilitate the end of abusive training practices while creating a purposeful and productive future for our beloved breeds by supporting needed legislation.

President - Jeannie Mcguire Vice President - Lynn Delzingaro Secretary Michelle Jackson Gurinn Treasurer -  Paula Weaver Asst. Treasurer - Lyn Montgomery
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